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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"We Want The Ball, And We're Gonna Score"

-The infamous words of Matt Hasselbeck

In 2004 the Seattle Seahawks traveled to Green Bay to battle the Packers in the play-offs. Upon entering OVERTIME, 'Hawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, when asked whether his team would like to receive the ball, stated "We want the ball, and we're gonna score." The overconfidence cost him, and he was picked off by Packers corner Al Harris. The interception was returned for the game winning touchdown.

Now, four years following the haunting incident, the Seahawks and former Packer coach Mike Holmgren return to the Bay to exorcise their demons against a formidable Packers team this weekend. The Seahawks, a mediocre team throughout the regular season thanks to the death of Shaun Alexander's legs, proved to be a force to be reckoned with against a red-hot Washington team in the first play-off game.

The problem there is, they face a great challenge in these Green Bay Packers. The Pack's offense is nearly flawless in every aspect, executing the short pass offense to the best effect we've seen in years. Nearly half of age-defying Brett Favre's passing yards come after the catch, so give these receivers some credit. Alongside the young Ryan Grant at running back, and the sharp pass defense, the Seahawks may have met their match.

Still, I like the Hawks chances here. The pass game is working well enough for them to give the Pack a fight, but the weather in Green Bay is projected to be light snow, wind, and cold. Very cold. This may force both teams to go to the run, giving Grant the chance to prove himself as an elite running back, and smart money says he will. Packers win a tight one 28-24, cause they'll get the ball, and they will score.


BRi said...

Andrew! you are in my bloodline! how on earth can you say my seahawks are going to lose. that breaks my heart and when they do win i am going to laugh in your face but really i wont cause i am nice but i am still mad at you

AllieHeartsTheCards said...

Hi Andrew!!!! Guess what??? I read your blog!!! Happy days. I hope the Packers win because I don't like the Seahawks, I don't really know why though. Dustin Colquitt is my football hero!!!! Next time you need to write something about the Cardinals!! St. Louis Cardinals 2006 World Series Champions!!!!!

BeauJangles Baker said...

Go Pack Go!! It's me again BeauJangles and im here to contridict your blogs again, I agree with most, but you really think the Pack has to worry about the pasing game of seattle. I think if they focus on the pass ,with the great solid veteran secondary they have, they will lose the game. They have a bigger problem with the improving Alexander. You say Grant has to prove himself, but Alexander has been there and done it, he has played in the big ame and know what it is like. People ride Alexander about how he has not produced this season. He has been INJURED, he can not run when he is hurt. No matter what they say better watch out for Alexander. The Pack still wins in a tight one 27 to 21.